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Our SharePoint customisation services offer a rapid and cost-effective way to adapt SharePoint to fit around your working practises and business needs, creating user-friendly applications that hide any underlying complexity of the SharePoint platform.

Sharepoint City consultants work together with your key users and teams to create custom SharePoint applications and solutions - or 'apps' - that provide exactly the tools, resources and information they need to collaborate effectively on business processes and projects and to reach out across organisational and global boundaries.

We provide all the necessary expert help to build a library of productivity apps and templates, while your users will learn in the process how to modify their apps further and create their own mash-ups to meet any new or changing needs.

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The SharePoint application experts

Examples of apps that we have built for customers:

  • Assignment rota
  • Carbon emissions analysis
  • Compliance and audit
  • Events management
  • HR self-service
  • Knowledge discovery
  • Multilateral projects extranet
  • Planning diary
  • Product backlog
  • Role-based message delivery
  • and many more...
Sharepoint City - Define, Compose, Refine, Roll out

Develop Together

Our unique Develop Together process is designed to fast-track the building of user applications, bringing out the best of the flexible, adaptable nature of SharePoint 2010 and 2013 platforms.

Each of the required apps is built in four iterations, with Sharepoint City's consultants engaging closely with the key users throughout the process:

  1. 1. In stage one, we define the application concepts and create the user interface, discussing the details and testing assumptions with the key users – all the time working 'live' on SharePoint.
  2. 2. We then compose the full working application, adding and customising the underlying SharePoint functionality or code.
  3. 3. We review and test each of the apps with a group of users in a real working environment, to refine and perfect it.
  4. 4. Once all the apps are completed, the complete solution is put together and carefully rolled out to all users, proactively listening to user feedback to identify any needs for further enhancements.

Rapid development, smooth roll-out

As everything is done 'live' on SharePoint, the development process is far more rapid, with concept test apps often emerging in just a few hours, followed by refinements over a few days and complete solutions ready to roll out in a matter of weeks.

Best of all, following the build phase, your staff will have learnt the skills to use and even enhance further their apps, resulting in smooth roll-out and easy adoption of the new solution.

Adding value to your business

We create apps that speed up user tasks, make day-to-day life simpler and reduce staff overheads, giving users access to everything they need to make better and faster business decisions.

As Sharepoint City consultants work together with your key users and teams, they have a unique opportunity to find out exactly what your teams need most to make their work more efficient and collaboration more effective.

This enables us to provide the technical expertise to develop your ideas and concepts further and create robust and scalable solutions to suit your business and user needs.