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'Perfect' designs for SharePoint are characterised not only by their visual appeal, but also the way they work with site content and functionality. Good design helps users to navigate, identify and assimilate data rapidly, act on the information displayed easily and effectively, and complete tasks quickly and effortlessly.

Sharepoint City's design service applies your corporate branding to SharePoint, making sure that your identity is presented correctly and consistently. Rather than trying to be a 'jack-of-all-trades', we follow your branding guidelines and work with your visual designers to develop user interface designs that drive the acceptance and adoption of SharePoint by your users.

An important part of our design process is to plan a consistent information architecture (IA) for the "user journey" through SharePoint, ensuring that the users' experience of interacting with the applications, working with data and collaborating with others is intuitive, seamless and as easy as possible.

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The overall design and user interface of your SharePoint implementation has a huge impact on the perception of your portal and its applications, and their adoption in your organisation.

In fact, gaining rapid adoption of a new or revised SharePoint system that needs to be accepted by thousands of users as their main daily tool can be a case of 'make-or-break' for your project - especially if your users are spread across the globe and come from different cultural backgrounds.

As the old adage goes, you don't get a second chance to make a first impression!

Sharepoint City has the design expertise to get everyone using your SharePoint portal and applications quickly. We follow your corporate branding guidelines in creating the master pages, templates and style sheets that drive the SharePoint look and feel. We review the results for usability and accessibility, making practical changes based on user feedback to ensure that the user's needs and working practises are successfully catered for.

Our designers and developers work closely together to deliver applications that deliver the design, provide good usability and meet the relevant industry standards and statutory requirements for accessibility. We participate actively in the communities developing best practises and tools for design to provide you with the latest and best solutions.

There can be no compromise in the usability of key enterprise applications. Where truly purpose-built user experience is the requirement, we develop custom controls or "widgets" to cater for efficient, strain-free interaction with the application and data.

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As good as it looks

SharePoint is a powerful platform but, like many advanced business applications, it can be extremely picky about the way that designs and customisations are implemented. So much so that a few mistakes in the code and styles that make up its 'master page' templates may even render parts of it unusable or invisible – which often becomes apparent only months after launching a new system, when users start to use its advanced features.

Another common mistake is to design only for the content and elements of a few pages and screens, rather than considering the requirements for the whole system. When users then create new content and workspaces, using the unbranded out-of-the-box tools, your SharePoint will soon resemble a bazaar –colourful perhaps, but completely inconsistent.

Sharepoint City's experienced designers know how to avoid the pitfalls, and provide you with design solutions that retains the flexibility of SharePoint while managing the risk of uncontrolled sprawl.